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FIlter press for wine industry

We started new product line AMHR 500 a 630 filter press for wine indutry. pruduct brief

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Chemical WWTP Ruzyne Airport

We have produced and delivered chemical treatment plant for the Prague Ruzyne Airport servicing, washing and cleaning aircraft.

Deliveries to Egypt

We continue to supply equipment for the recycling of water to Egypt.


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Filter presses
  • Sludge ending industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plant,
  • production and technological change and drinking water, neutralizing station,
  • processing of raw materials and minerals, chemical industry (production of chemicals),
  • food industry, pharmaceutical industry.
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  • processing of raw materials and minerals (oil, sugar, biodiesel, kaolin)
  • neutralization station (acid pickling, electroplating, phosphating lines)
  • ending industrial wastewater treatment plant sludge,
  • ending municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge,
  • production and technological change and drinking water
  • chemical industry,
  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • clear filtration.

The division

Filter presses are divided by size and type of filter plates, sealing systems and technical solutions and frame filter press equipment.

Size of press is characterized by number of filter plates and by the length of their parties, which specifies the size press. We manufacture and supply filter presses with formats boards:

Filter press - size panels
Filter area
number of
Thickness cake
Conclusion press Type line Resettlement boards Baths Spraying cloth
mech. hydr. ele. hydr. side top man. mech. aut. man. mech.
300 0,6-2,3 5-20 15-32 x x             x    
400 1,5-10 5-40 15-35 x x x x   x x   x x  
470 2-15,5 5-40 15-32     x x   x x   x x  
500 1,5-17,5 5-60 15-32   x x x   x x   x x  
630 5-30 10-60 15-32   x x x   x x x x x x
800 12-70 15-100 15-40     x x x x x x   x x
1000 30-200 20-120 15-50     x x x x x x   x x
1100 50-270 20-120 15-50     x x x     x   x x
1200 60-300 30-12 15-50     x x x     x   x x
1500 100-500 50-120 15-50     x x x     x   x x
mech. - mechanical, hydr. - hydraulic, ele. - electric, man. - manual

Filter plates creates a workspace filter press - filter chamber. The filter plate is provided inside the chamber profiled surface that allows drainage of the filtrate into the canal and then out of the filter press.

Subdivided filter plates under construction on the frame, a membrane chamber and by the way the filtrate outlet to an open or closed.

Material used for the production of filter plates is in most cases homogeneous polypropylene. The membrane filter plates of the body panels of polypropylene and a membrane may be operational by the nature of media in PP, EPDM, NBR ETC. According to the requirements of technology may be used for plates and membranes used as materials such as PVDF, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Method of closing filter presses

  • clamping force is created by tightening the screw (power whorl)
  • size presses 300 and 400
photo_presses photo_presses
  • clamping force is created by hydraulic hand pump and single-acting hydraulic cylinder with lock nut against loosening filter plates
  • press sizes from 300 to 630
photo_presses photo_presses
  • closure and opening of the filter press provides a electro-hydraulic cylinder unit with automatic shut-off by maintaining pressure
  • presses size from 300 to 1500
photo_presses photo_presses

Construction filter presses

with side bolsters

- design with relatively low structural weight, the possibility of manual evacuation of filter plates.

The upper beam

- massive construction particularly suited for large sewage treatment plant and manufacturing operations (kaolin factory, chemicals, neutralizing stations, etc.) in press sizes from 800 to 1500 mm.


Equipment filter presses

division plates
  • hand - with the plates is manipulated through handles on their hips,
  • pneumatic - especially for larger filter plates (630-1000) can be equipped with a pneumatic press the deportation where one person controls the mechanism for removal of boards.
photo_presses Photo presses
  • automatic - operator only controls the dropout cakes, all the boards together (hydraulic lift war), one plate - gradually.
photo_presses photo_presses photo_presses photo_presses photo_presses photo_presses
Gutter tubs
  • capture the leak filter plates,
  • the size press 630 is supplied with standard manual tilting bath
  • presses can be equipped with bath with pneumatic or electric tilting.
Knocking plates
  • by flipping of plates is a more effective disappearance of cloth cakes,
  • designed for automatic filter presses.
Cloths washer
  • cleaning cloth from the remnants of pie with water pressure - up to 80bar,
  • spraying is carried out simultaneously on both sides of the plate,
  • with regular splashing of cloth is maintained by the constant throughput - doesn't increase filtration resistance due to introduction of fabric remnants cleaving pie.
photo_presses photo_presses photo_presses
Blowing the centre
  • After the implementation of the filter press is a conduit for supply of purified compressed air suspension.
Wash cakes
  • allows very effectively wash the filter cake from the remnants of dissolved substances contained in the pie.
Drying cakes
  • allows blowing compressed air very efficiently dry the filter cake from the remnants of the filtrate.
Sourcing cloth
  • For regeneration of cloth used for the dissolution of sediments, which are formed on it that prevented the passage of the filtrate. The closed circular filter press is drawn acid solution and the time necessary to dissolve the deposits. Inlet and outlet acidic substance is piped to the drainage of the filtrate. After the dissolution and release accruals acid filter press followed by rinsing with water.
Protective and security features
  • particular automatic filter presses are equipped with various types of security features with varying degrees of security,
  • light sensor - handling area is secured beam of infrared rays. When the dislocation is automatically interrupted or completely stops operating equipment. Usually installed at the operator side of the filter press,
  • rope switch - handling space is secured wire connected to the safety switch. Pulling on the cable is automatically interrupted or completely stops operating equipment. Usually installed at the operator side of the filter press,
  • railings and grilles - it is a mechanical security filter press, in particular it's not supported side
Management and Controls
  • regulatory and control elements are present to varying degrees in all types of filter presses, with the exception of a fully manual presses,
  • filter presses can be equipped with various types of management units according to customer requirements, with communication, etc.
  • installed control unit can be simultaneously used for the management of support equipment and fittings (pumping sludge, sourcing, etc.).
aut aut aut
Station pressure membranes
  • Used to develop desired pressure on the cake until the excess pressure 30 bar,
  • liquid storage tanks with high pressure pump, valves and wiring,
  • compressed gas with a multiplier for multiplying the pressure of air or a compressor.
Production, repair and reconstruction
  • Hydraulic units,
  • hydraulic cylinders.